The Museo Lamborghini, Sant’Agata Bolognese – Italy

Hello guys! Today’s highlight is the Museo Lamborghini, a must see for Lamborghini fans! The exhibition is very interesting if a bit small. Entry price is not a gift but hey…once in a lifetime it is great to be able to closely see those beauties!Lamborghini1Lamborghini2



At the time we went, there was also a temporary exhibit about the famous Brazilian race driver Ayrton Senna and his career.

Hope you have enjoyed the pictures, see you soon!




Enjoying the sunny Tuscany, Italy

Hi guys! Today I would like to share some happiness! That’s right…I said “happiness”, because this is the feeling when you are in Tuscany, seeing so many amazing colours, enchanting nature, breathtaking and romantic views…and you can smell such a delicious perfume everywhere! Tuscany is an experience for all senses!

Toscana4.1Imagine yourself in perfect harmony with the beautiful place around you. Hey, looks like poetry but I am not exaggerating. At least once in your life you must visit Tuscany!

Toscana1Toscana1.1Tuscany is known for its landscapes, traditions, history, artistic legacy and its influence on high culture…and for Florence, the capital and most populous city in Tuscany. We have been there several times, but in this trip we visited different places and I will show you in details, further in new posts. We also enjoyed some wine tasting. Tuscany and wine are such a perfect combination…boasting some of Italy’s most famous appellations: Brunello di Montalcino, Chianti Classico, Nobile di Montepulciano, Vernaccia di San Gimignano…


I hope you have the opportunity to enjoy a sunset in Tuscany as well!

Love and lights,


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La Spezia, Porto Venere and Cinque Terre – Italy

Bonjour beautiful people! It’s been a while since my last post. I really miss you all! Today I want to share with you some thoughts and pictures from my last trip to Italy. We spent 10 amazing days there. We drove from Luxembourg to Italy, passing through Switzerland (+/- 10 hours driving).

The first stop was La Spezia  in the Liguria region of Northern Italy.

La Spezza1.1

The city is charming and makes for a good base to explore the region including the Cinque Terre.

La Spezza1La Spezza2La Spezza3La Spezza4La Spezza5

In La Spezia we stayed in a charming guest house called San Giorgio Boutique Rooms. Modern and well appointed accommodation. The owner was very kind, giving us all practical information and made us a gift by upgrading to the best room “Basilico” in the property as it was available. We had a nice glass of wine in the evening enjoying the balcony. Breakfast is not available but there are tea and coffee facilities. The location is good with easy access to the city center but on the other hand there are several stairs involved, which makes moving with luggage quite a burden! Street parking is available but not obvious to find.


My recommendation: take the boat trip stopping over in Porto Venere and going further to the Cinque Terre. It provides some of the best views. Then the return trip can be by train: not many views but very quick and frequent departures till late.

Porto Venere is adorable, on the Gulf of Poets, is a UNESCO World Heritage site, with brightly colored houses while narrow medieval streets lined with shops lead up the hill from the ancient city gate to the castle.

Porto Venere1

Porto Venere5

Porto Venere2

The tip of the promontory holds a picturesque church. Byron’s Cave is a rocky area leading to the sea where the poet Byron used to swim.

Porto Venere7

Porto Venere6

Porto Venere3

Porto Venere10

Porto Venere9

Porto Venere8

Porto Venere4

Riomaggiore, Cinque Terre


The Cinque Terre: highlight to Vernazza!


Vernazza is one of the five towns that make up the Cinque Terre region. We were quite lucky with the weather: just a bit cloudy but far from the usual nasty weather of late autumn. Still the place was rather crowded and we can only imagine that in summer it must be hell.







Vernazza itself is lovely and easy to understand why it is the top choice among the Cinque Terre.

Next stop…Tuscany! See you there in our next post!

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