Acetaia del Balsamico Trentino, Cologna di Tenno – Italy

Bonjour beautiful world!

Cologna is part of the municipality of Tenno, in the province of Trento.
The balsamic vinegar of Trentino is located in a panoramic position on the hills of Cologna 4 km from Riva del Garda, shortly after the famous waterfall of Varone and on the way to Lake Tenno and Canale Borgo.
It is a beautiful region! When I visited there, I stayed in the city of Torbole ( Guarda Lake ) not far away from the Acetaia del Balsamico Trentino  ( easy access with a car ). The balsamic Trentino is delicious! 🙂


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Stockholm – Sweden

Bonjour lovely people!

Sharing today my pictures from Stockholm. I had such a wonderful time there…Stockholm is a great destination! Are you looking for good restaurants, design and fashion experiences, incredible sceneries with lovely nature and spectacular architecture? Well Stockholm is YOUR place to go!

I visited Stockholm last Summer and I really want to come back soon.

Hope you enjoy the images.


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The cradle of Austria: Hallstatt

Bonjour  world! 🙂

Today’s Highlights are pictures from a kind of wonderland: the village of Hallstatt in Austria. This little village is so amazingly beautiful. We spent only an afternoon but I got a feeling that I was living inside a dream.

I will let the pictures speak for themselves!


Hallstatt at Wikipedia