Eiffel Tower – Paris

22 thoughts on “Eiffel Tower – Paris

  1. Your photo is crooked …. LOL
    Amazing shot Lèia 🙂
    I now you can make a trip to Paris its not far from Luxembourg 🙂
    Its a very ROMANTIC place PARIS 🙂
    I visit it often its only 4 ours drive from my home
    (for a weekend its always great ^__^)

    Hugs to Luna
    Kareltje is missing her 😦

    Enjoy your day
    Anya 🙂


  2. That's fantastic! I'm so glad that you are able to see such wonderful places.
    That is a good thing about Europe, you can go to so many places very easy.


  3. Hey, you're killing me here! You just dropped over to Paris for the day?

    Sorry, I'm just a wee bit envious…but so glad that you had a great day! Looks like the weather was good, and that's a nice shot of the tower and I want to go back!


  4. That's a funky angle! 🙂

    Wish we could travel Asia as easily as in Europe. I still find it amazing that one can travel most of Europe by land. Even traveling within the Philippines requires boats or planes!

    I hope you are all having a wonderful time! Happy weekend!


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