17 thoughts on “Cinema

  1. Yeahhh…..
    The Cinema
    Its a great building 😉
    Are you going to a movie !!!!
    Go to a Romantic movie thats lovely for the weekend … 😉

    Anya (@^.^@)


  2. I'm vaguely concerned about the Eiffel Tower photo … is there a ground settling problem? Perhaps Paris, like Mexico City, was built on reclaimed unstable swamp land …


  3. I haven't seen a stand alone cinema in decades! All our cinemas nowadays are in malls.

    So what did you watch? I hope you enjoyed it, whatever it was!

    Blessed Sunday!


  4. You guys are pretty sneaky. You made this dumb old man look up the website!

    Cinema! So what did you see at the cinema?

    Very interesting, modern building, unlike most of your other shots of Luxembourg…

    Hope you're having a great weekend, which I guess is about over there…



  5. Hello dear friends!
    Thanks so much for these kind comments and as you are curious , Marina and I went for Happy Potter, in English of course with German and French subtitles!I need to confess it was not easy! 😉
    God bless you all

    Léia 😉


  6. Is the cinema really popular there in Luexmbourg? Here, where we live, there are no cinemas close. We would have to drive a car about 20 miles to find one. It is also very expensive here. About $6.00 for an afternoon showing and two or three times that much for night showings. Most people rent movies and watch them at home on their televisions.

    Thank you very much for stopping at my Brookville Blog.


  7. Hey guys, I am enjoying all your pics and I'm so jealous of your trip to the eiffel tower.I love looking at all the pics hope you are all doing well and continue to have fun if you visit any markets snap a few pics for me blessings….Barb


  8. That is a great looking and large cinema complex. I saw the Harry Potter movie and thought it was just OK compared to the previous movie(s), but I still enjoyed it. Have a great week.


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