Summertime activities

During summer Luxembourg city makes sure
to organize some special open air events.
All the people want to take advantage of every bit of sun
and the long summer days are perfect for this!

18 thoughts on “Summertime activities

  1. I guess you are very lucky to live there with Luna. Can you take her out to the festivals or does she have to stay at home?

    I enjoyed your photographs. They are very nice for me to see.


  2. Wow! What great fun. 30 stages? That's not just a concert, that's a commitment!

    Brazilian Bossa Nova? You must have been in Luxembourg heaven!

    I think I'm a wee bit jealous. I love jazz!

    Say meow to Luna!


  3. Very cool post! The views on the 1st collage are fantastic!

    Cezar and Leia, thank you so much for your congratulations and also for being such regular visitors on my blogs.


  4. Wonderful post – from the overall view of the city and from the interesting details of the bands. I love Brazilian Bossa Nova. & GEORGE BENSON? – how special is that!?


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