Strassen – Luxembourg

21 thoughts on “Strassen – Luxembourg

  1. I so enjoyed the picture of the smiley satellite dish and face on the door. I like how someone had a sense of humor to do this. It certainly is a scenic area around there.

    Hugs dear friends!


  2. Amazing shots,
    I love the friendly “Smile” house:)
    It gives a positive feeling 😉
    I wonder how its inside,
    I think more friendly faces …. LOL


  3. Hi Léia, great pictures you have posted on Luxembourgh such a nice place to live… I know the town a bit. I have a bank account in Lux…:) I need to come over one of these days to close it down… 🙂

    Cheers from Marcel (you look like a lovely couple by the way! )


  4. Such beautiful photos of such a beautiful place!

    I, too, love the smiley-faced dish and door! Very clever.



  5. Beautiful photos, and I too loved the one of the smiley faces. That is also a great photo of the two of you on your side-bar. Have a great weekend my friends.


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