September 9, 1944

As in many other places in Europe, Luxembourg also
displays several war memorials and monuments.
This particular one marks the liberation of Bertrange
from the Nazis by the Allied Forces.
It’s a singular emotion to pass by such a historic place.

17 thoughts on “September 9, 1944

  1. I agree with EG Tour Guide's comment. I couldn't come up with the right words and then I saw the comment and thought, that's it. Hope you have a happy weekend!


  2. We all never forget the WAR !!

    ( Have a wonderful weekend
    Lèia & Cezar & Marina 🙂
    hugs to LUNA =^.^= )


  3. If only we allowed history to be our teacher before we made our choices in the present. These memorials are a valiant attempt to help us remember. Thank you dear Leia and Cezar for stopping, looking, caring, sharing.


  4. Hello again. Another wonderful post! I think everyone should remember about this horrble war and learn the lesson it teaches.
    Have a great weekend:)


  5. Hello dear friends,

    I agree. It is emotional – even after 65 years. It always makes me send a thought to all of those who died in vain.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Best regards


  6. This memorial does raise many emotions…we in the U.S. cannot really comprehend what so many people in the occupied countries lived through.

    I was young at the time, but remember the sense of urgency and fear that consumed people in my family and so many others, and the tremendous relief when it was over.

    The relief the people of Bertrange felt must have been many times greater and many times more personal.

    May such terrible devastation never again wrack our world!


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