Avenue John Kennedy – Luxembourg


17 thoughts on “Avenue John Kennedy – Luxembourg

  1. The buildings look like big glass blocks, very prett against the sky. I love the trees lined up in a perfect row.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and your kind comments.
    Sunny 🙂


  2. Glass buildings – lovely!
    I like the first photo with its 'strange' perspective:)
    Have a great day friends


  3. This John F. Kennedy Avenue is very impressive. I, too, was surprised at the very modern buildings. In the second shot – is that some kind of music hall or entertainment venue?

    And where are all the people and cars and traffic?


  4. Hello dear friends,

    Very interesting architecture. The buildings look almost ice-blue, but that might be due to the sunlight.
    Very interesting indeed-:)

    Best regards


  5. Obviously the more modern part of the town, not quite as cosy as other parts we have seen. But, this is also needed, Europe cannot only be a museum of old buildings!


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