Interesting spots

A very tall guy…
Conceived by A. R. Penck.

The bird has flown…

“Bird cage”, conceived by the artist Su-Mei Tse.
The project makes use of a total of 270m of neon tubing.

“La grand fleur qui marche”, sculpture by Fernand Léger.

another different spot…

21 thoughts on “Interesting spots

  1. Very interesting photos! The chair remind me of a similar one (but maybe a bit smaller) I saw in a little village in Tuscany years ago…


  2. Fun and funky photos. I wondered if any kids or adults have tried to climb up that tall guy?

    And obviously, the bird escaped the cage.

    I like la fleur. The chair is just too high to be of any use. ;-))


  3. Incredible shots Dear Friends! I love the cage the most – good for bird that has managed to escape:)
    Have a great day!


  4. You two have been on a wonderful tour of whimsical outside art installations. How fun to come along with you and make these discoveries alongside you. Thank you!


  5. Maybe the bird that escaped his cage also belonged to the tall guy. I love that tall guy. Very unique!

    Nice photos. The lighting is really nice: pretty blue skies and sunlight. Luxembourg seems to have lots of surprised. I'm happy for your blog to bring these to us.



  6. These are all such fun artwork! I especially love the flower smitten with wanderlust. I think she wants to join your travels! 😉


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