More about Reims – France

23 thoughts on “More about Reims – France

  1. The 1st photo is so adorable and that's a really funky Tourism Office! Hope you found all the destinations you wanted. The fountain caught my eye – we have two like that in Long Beach at the Calif. State University.


  2. The first shot is almost antique
    very beautiful architecture 🙂
    Nice pictures from France !!
    Have a nice sunday 🙂


  3. Thanks for taking us on a tour of this most beautiful city. Looks a little chilly, though. But, after I bundled up, I was fine strolling through the fascinating streets.

    The Office de Tourism is funny and funky and I love it; if it doesn't collapse and take out a dozen tourists!

    The sculpture is amazing…looks like some kind of alien – or great big bug with a green heart; of course it could be the skeleton of my 5th grade math teacher!

    I also like the wide avenues and the plazas and the statuary.

    All in all a rather amazing place.

    Merci beaucoup et bonne journee!


  4. What a beautiful city you capture and share with us!. And I'm so glad that we stopped by the library at the end of the day!


  5. Such a wonderful old building for a tourism office! The other buildings are so beautiful, but what is that spider-like thingy? Funky!

    I pray that you and the entire family, including Luna of course, have a beautiful week! We're on the last week of our celebration — yay! I can sleep again soon! 😉


  6. Hello my dear friends,

    The first picture is fantastic. What a creative idea.

    The rest of the shots are lovely. I've never been to Reims, but it looks like a very interesting city to visit.

    Best regards


  7. Hi guys,love the first photo is that you guys? They are all great since I have a fascination with France,stay warm and have fun. Enjoy a fabulous french pastry and cup of coffee for me….Barb


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