Funny sculpture in Bertrange

23 thoughts on “Funny sculpture in Bertrange

  1. Il n'y a pas besoin de comprendre ! C'est rigolo !

    Marinagrenadines qui est une collègue et amie n'est pas une fan des commentaires, donc elle n'en fera sûrement pas…


  2. Hello my dear friends,

    I don't really understand it either, but I like the sculptures. They're very cute and very alive-:)

    Have a wonderful Sunday!



  3. Maybe it's the new headquarters of Kentucky Fried Chicken…just kidding!
    I really like the sculptures whatever the reason.
    Sunny 🙂


  4. Very cute. It seems they have some lights built into the base. I think it will look even funnier at night.


  5. You two makes me smile ^__^
    Your photo is really cool
    you both looking sooooooo COLD
    (Its here 0grC tomorrow also snow maybe I can make a snowmen … LOL)

    Lovely chickens sculpture 🙂
    Funny pink colored building too !!

    Have a wonderful evening


  6. Leia, I don't understand it either but if you find out let us know and it did make me smile.Thanks for your sweet words you always make me feel better. I am trying to make out my grocery list and plan to start some baking this week and I need something to take to a party later this week have a wonderful week talk to you soon….Barb


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