Conrot’s Eck Tower (1897) – Luxembourg

…and snowflakes falling…


24 thoughts on “Conrot’s Eck Tower (1897) – Luxembourg

  1. AMAZING shot 🙂
    Here is also SNOW..snow..snow..
    I go make tomorrow a snowman

    Goodnight 🙂


  2. It's so delightful to see snow falling ..when you never enjoy that in real life!
    Thank you so much for your so nice words in your comment on my blog!I think that you already speak a rather good french, and your blog offers also so many surprises at each visit!
    How lucky you are to travel so much! Moskow is on my to-do-list , and if one day I may go there, I hope to come back with a matriochka!


  3. wow! splendid composition.
    the green tiles on the peaked roof are very IN for the season!
    Just love the snowflakes – like a fairy tale.


  4. That's pretty cool architecture and a lovely photo with the snow falling! We had lots of snow today, it was chaos.

    A cause des difficultés de circulation, nous avons dû annuler notre soirée au bureau 😦 et l'avons reportée à janvier en espérant qu'il ne neigera pas ce jour là !


  5. A fantastic spire! And so magical with the falling snow. I have never seen snow and thank you very much for this wonderful image.


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