La GrandeTemperance – Luxembourg

This sculpture called “La Grande Temperance”(1995)
by French-born sculptor Niki de Saint Phalle .

This sculpture was part of the artist’s Open-Air-Exhibition

of “Nanas” which was on display in conjunction
with the 1995 European year of Culture.


22 thoughts on “La GrandeTemperance – Luxembourg

  1. This is such a cool sculpture! I love her work.
    Um Bom Natal para toda a família, com pouco frio, de preferência… :-)))


  2. What a neat sculpture! I'm not if this was from 1995 and you were in Luxembourg at that time…?

    I hope you both and your family have a wonderful Christmas!!



  3. This sculpture is funny indeed:)
    Leia, be careful on slippery roads and pavements:)
    Hugs from here – I'm in the middle of preparations for Christmas Eve supper, which is the most important part of celebration in Pland – hope will manage to do everything:)



  4. She would be a very funky and cool nana! I wouldn't mind having to grow up with her. 🙂

    May you and your family have a beautiful and peaceful Christmas, my dear friends. God bless you all.


  5. Her work is always funny and this is not exception! Nice picture, excellent colors.
    Have a nice Christmas Eve and a Merry Christmas!


  6. such a larger than life and colorful sculpture. i remember that this artist has one of these unique sculptures in the zurich, switzerland train station. it hangs larger than life in the air above you. I enjoyed your photos of so many great places. happy Holidays!


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