National Museum – Athens

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  1. Bon dimanche !

    C'est impressionnant, je ne suis jamais allée ailleurs qu'en Crète, je devrais aller à Athènes. Belle série de photos !

    Pour l'Alsace, tu as raison, c'est une région spéciale… Amsterdam, ce sera pour une autre fois !

    Quant à la raclette, tu devrais essayer, comme il fait froid !

    Enfin, je suis sûre que tes tests vont bien se passer !


  2. I love, love, classical antic art!
    I saw such statues in Rome last year and never got enough of such beauties! Thanks for sharing !


  3. Zounds! Such a plethora of ancient historical artifacts. We owe so much to the Greeks.

    I was looking at the second photo and wondered how the sculptor knew what I looked like!

    Have a great Sunday, or what's left of it there!


  4. Really great place, and when you imagine how old are the treasures there it makes it even more special! I agree with JM that it's fantastic to be able to see these sculptures, not mention to take photo of them!
    Lovely post.
    Here's still heavy snow but not as cold as used to be. I'm getting tired with the weather but my dogs are over the moon! They love it:)
    Stay warm Leia!


  5. I've been there long time ago and it seems quite changed. Love all the images but the horse sculpture is strking as a statue an as a photo!


  6. Relly impressing to see how the Greek and the Romans created some phantastic art, which it then took centuries before something similar in perfection was created!


  7. Oopssss Lèia
    a naked men on your blog ….. LOL

    The history from Greece is AMAZING
    I know i love always to visit that country 🙂
    Wonderful shots !!!

    (Its again snowing here I wish it was SPRING I'm not a winterlover 😉

    Anya 🙂


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