Bock Promontory – Luxembourg

In 963 Siegfried, Count of Ardenne, acquired
this massive rocky ledge from the
Saint Maximin Abbey in Trier (Germany).

Siegfried built his own castle on the
rocky outcrop known as the Bock.

And this is how Luxembourg was born…

20 thoughts on “Bock Promontory – Luxembourg

  1. Wonderful history of a wonderful place! Trier was the first twon I visited in Germany, when I was 13 years old, and I keep a very good memeory of it.
    The place you're showing is quite impressive! There must be a very special mood in there…


  2. A great place to build a castle. I do not know if it was ever take, but I am sure no one ever stormed it from this side.


  3. Thank you for the history lesson! I know so little about this part of the world that I appreciate very much your comments.

    What a magnificent place this is! Are you allowed inside?

    It's hard to imagine the work that went into building it. And the poor workmen!


  4. What a history Wow!!
    I know Luxembourg is so beautiful:)

    (I do all with my left hand …LOL)
    Its NOT easy 🙂
    Thanks Lèia ..


  5. Me on friday:
    you made me smile when you told me about your cat hearing the gulls!
    It means I made a good choice!
    Thank you for all your lovely comments! You're always so kind!
    I'm sure everything will be alright monday. Every time you write in french, you do it without any mistake. So, enjoy your week-end without regret.
    Hugs to you, your son, Cezar and.. the kitty!


  6. These pictures are beautiful and at the same time perfectly descriptive.
    The angle of the second one is impressive.


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