Capuchin Theatre – Luxembourg

Théâtre des Capucins


19 thoughts on “Capuchin Theatre – Luxembourg

  1. An unusual and nice theater, but my eye was caught by its alien guardian… Anything about this curious statue?


  2. Twenty-five years for a theater is a good run! I'll bet this building was a church at one time. I'm trying to figure out the significance of the statue…

    Hope you have a great week!

    And the photo of the two of you with that debonair snowman is really cute!


  3. Perhaps that theater has been operating for 25 years but the building, I think, is much, much older. Happy snowman building ( :


  4. Fascinating place dear friends!Did you manage to get inside?
    I love your photo with the snowman – not only kids have fun, I guess:)
    Have a lovely weekend!


  5. The building looks so old and beautyful.. No wonder it's an artistic place, it's very inspiring..
    I like this strange statue.. Is it a centaur?
    (And… nice bench on the right!Ü)


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