Neumünster Abbey and Lucien Wercollier exposition

Luxembourgian artist “Lucien Wercollier”

at the Abbey Neumünster.
He was a major 20th century sculptor from Luxembourg
(1908 – 2002)


22 thoughts on “Neumünster Abbey and Lucien Wercollier exposition

  1. The sculptor Lucien Wercollier was imprisoned here during the Nazi occupation of Luxembourg. So the fact that is works are shown here is really some kind of poetic justice.
    I realy like the British Museum-like glass roof…


  2. I like the place, but not so much the art. Reading VP, the exhibition takes a special meaning..
    (Are your french tests soon over?..)


  3. Lucien lived to a ripe old age, too, didn't he?

    An “abbey” is a church, correct? So, this is a church with a lot of other things going on?

    Me very ignorant. Please excuse!

    It's all so different from what we have in the States. And very beautiful – the setting and the buildings.

    I like the sculpture, too…nice clean lines – leave a good feeling.

    Glad you were able to tour this place with your son.

    Hope your weekend is filled with delicious things!


  4. Hello. I'm still on vacation but I had a little time to look at your blog. The pictures are so wonderful. I always leave feeling like I want to move to Europe. I was also reminded that I need to study French.

    I'll be back in Newtown soon and I'll be able to see your posts better. 🙂


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