Lucerne – Switzerland


24 thoughts on “Lucerne – Switzerland

  1. Very friendly shots Leia 🙂
    I have also negative feelings about our weather,
    for the weekend again snow here and at the moment its here grey and dark 😦
    I need also sun 🙂


  2. I agree with Malyss. Your pictures really show the charm. It's nice to be able to look at them when we want a change of scenery.


  3. Another absolutely stunning city! And the colors are wonderful as well as providing a nice break from snow and cold!

    You do such a good job with your photography, providing us with such a variety of beautiful shots which helps us get a better feel for the city!

    Merci! (That's about the only French I know!)


  4. Colours are more than welcome at the moment – here only whit and grey!
    Lovely photos of the beautiful ciity:)


  5. Wonderful photos.
    Really like them all.

    Greetings from

    btw. We did visit Luxembourg last Summer (Our daughers Father in Law works there) and we also did visit Switzerland after blog gathtering in southern France


  6. Todas estão óptimas mas aquela foto com o prédio de madeiras vermelhas ao lado da vinha igualmente vermelha, é incrível! Ainda bem que fotografaram! 🙂


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