Avenue de La Libertè – Luxembourg


25 thoughts on “Avenue de La Libertè – Luxembourg

  1. Wondeful shots especially the top one. I like the way it seems to converge at the end of the street. I also like how the arrow points to it.


  2. These are lovely shots, indeed, of beautiful buildings and thoroughfares, but did you get up in the middle of the night to take them? Where's the traffic, all the people?

    Hope your weekend is going well.


  3. Great pictures, but , seeing the two first, I wonder where the people are?….No snow, no rain, a beautyful place, and noone?!..You may enjoy the place alone!

    Have a nice week-end!!


  4. Just a note dear friends,
    These pictures were taken in a work day, about 2pm.
    It was really cold, -3C, this Sun appears for little 20 minutes, and then “grey” again…
    I was walking along the avenue and I had time to take these pictures on that day ( some week ago).
    Léia 🙂


  5. Très belle avenue classique, qui ressemble un peu à Paris, surtout dans la dernière photo où on dirait des immeubles haussmaniens, on dirait même les grands magasins (Printemps…)

    Ah je viens de voir que Vogon Poet a la même impression que moi !

    Bon dimanche !


  6. The grass looks so green! And the buildings so elegant. You did a wonderful job of capturing the city in its brief moment of glorious sunlight.


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