Cité Judiciaire – Luxembourg


24 thoughts on “Cité Judiciaire – Luxembourg

  1. It appears to me that these buildings are of a judicial nature…courts, etc.

    They are quite impressive and quite beautiful. I do like the blue windows, too.

    In the first two shots…is that a chimney on top of the building with smoke coming out of it?

    Hope your day is progressing very well!


  2. Well…as a Brazilian here I'm also trying to learn about Luxembourg culture and history, but I don't know much about this place,sorry!

    Louis***I don't know the meaning of the sculptures( “Palais de la Cour supérieure de justice”) just I LOVE them!Really beautiful!You can find more information about at:
    You can understand,it's in French.

    Jacob*** In fact, I didn't notice that smoke, I'm also curious now!

    Merci dear friends!


  3. I'm always surprised and charmed by this architecture, very sober, elegant and simple at the same time.
    I'm also surprised by the few people in the streets..


  4. By the way, I wanted to thank you very much for sending me the link to the French language site at the Univ. of Texas…I have bookmarked it and will be spending a good deal of time there!

    You are just too sweet!

    Merci beacoup!


  5. What a beautiful and elegant place! I love the buildings. The second, blue and white photo, is my favourite.


  6. Hmmmmmmmm a nice show and impressive knowledge about my country and its various buildings … a pity you seem to avoid Minette, the industrial red earth south:( Beauty isn't confined to the other regions alone …


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