Temple of Zeus – Athens

and Hadrian’s Arch.


23 thoughts on “Temple of Zeus – Athens

  1. What, no pictures from inside the ladies room?

    What the Greeks built so long ago really boggles the mind. Great photos. I love the details.


  2. Yes Athens is famous for his history 🙂
    You have made wonderful shots from the temple
    My compliments 🙂
    Enjoy your sunday …


  3. I'd like so much to see that once in my life. On our continent, everything began here. That's the source of our civilisation, our knowledge..Your pictures are a beautyful tribute to the place!
    Have a nice sunday, Hugs!


  4. This is the remains of a once beautiful place made by people who didn't have cranes or steel tools to work with. Do you know or have you read how they got those heavy stones up on top of the columns?


  5. I thanked Zeus just the other day for you guys! I mean how else can I travel all over the world and see these marvelous sights that I've not seen before?

    Your photos give a good sense of the beauty of what must have been a massive structure.

    And it looks like you had some nice weather when you were there!

    Hope your coming week is filled with good things!


  6. Hi Cezar – Re: your comments on Cedar Key… First of all, yes, it is a tourist carriage so people can hop around the island without wearing themselves out – which is especially nice on a very hot day; and no, Rome, was not founded in 1957. Sheesh. I think it was founded the year before I got there!

    You're very funny!


  7. With this lousy weather (here) the first thing I notice is the blue sky, then comes history and the temple. I love the one where the palm tree poses with the column…


  8. A deep bow upon this beautiful set of photographies, much better than I could ever have done.

    Please have a nice start into the new month and week as well.


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