Chambre des Députés – Luxembourg

The Chamber of Deputies of Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a parliamentary democracy,
in which the Chamber is elected
by universal suffrage under the d’Hondt
method of Party-list proportional representation.

Contribution for
James Weekend Reflections – Newtown Area Photo.

25 thoughts on “Chambre des Députés – Luxembourg

  1. The first view let us think of a beautyful middle-age building.. BUt what a contrast with the modern reflections!Great pictures for this meme!
    Hugs from Nice!


  2. The Chamber of Deputies building is nice, but I would think it would be larger and more grand. Maybe Luxembourg puts its money into services for the people rather than government buildings?

    Love the reflections; looks like you got a tall apartment building from across the street.

    Hope you're having a wonderful day!


  3. Have a great week-end and I love the reflections in the pic and how each of the buildings have their own personality….Barb


  4. I appreciate your visits and comments. I enjoy seeing Luxembourg through your pictures. Thanks for that.

    I am happy you like the Baby Kitty story this morning.


  5. Very stately building. The reflection is great…love the reflected dormer windows, they look like a hodge-podge collage.


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