Boulevard Konrad Adenauer – Luxembourg

Boulevard Konrad Adenauer

Kirchberg – Luxembourg


18 thoughts on “Boulevard Konrad Adenauer – Luxembourg

  1. Looks to be a beautiful road and well-named. The second photo must be some kind of “international” building? It looks cold, too, and I'm surprised by the lack of traffic at sunset. My favorite shot, I think, is the green light into the setting sun.

    Cool post!


  2. Hi Leia – Thanks for your kind comment on Cedar Key DP – re alligators…there might be a few in the back bays but they probably won't bother you unless they're really hungry which happens about once a month! 🙂


  3. I like the way you captured the motion of passing by on the boulevard. Also interesting seeing the contemporary part of the city.


  4. The light of your picture shows perfectly the mood of the end of the day: people go back home, they enjoy the last sun rays, streets begin to become empty, and soon, the night will come softly..
    A peaceful moment !


  5. For some reason your post have not been showing up in my dashboard. I'm glad that I decided to check. It's nice to see this wonderful tour and to be trated to a beautiful sunset. 🙂


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