Findel Airport – Luxembourg

Findel is located near the city of Luxembourg (about 6 km ).
It is pretty small and cozy, really easy for orientation.
Regular flights to other European cities are operated by Luxair, 
the national carrier, and by foreign airlines.


28 thoughts on “Findel Airport – Luxembourg

  1. Bonnes vacances ! avec plein de jolies photos au retour, on espère!!Profitez bien!
    joyeuses Pâques et à bientôt!
    Hugs from Nice!


  2. It may be small, but it is so sparkingly clean, it's wonderful.

    Wishing you a wonderful vacation! Be safe and be well, and we will be waiting for your photos. 🙂

    Have a Blessed Easter!


  3. Oopssssssssss are you going yeahhhhh…
    U have the tickets !!!
    I am so happy for you 🙂
    Enjoy with your family ….


  4. Yes, this is a nice and small airport, as we like them. Nothing to do with the gigantic mazes in other capital's airports.
    Wishing you a very nice holiday! Make photos!!!

    And congratulations to your latest award from Melbourne!


  5. It is so nice to see an airport that isn't overflowing with irate people waiting to get on cancelled flights!

    Hope you have a super vacation and take lots of fantastic photos like usual. And a Happy Easter to you and yours!


  6. Saudadess!!!!!!!!! HaPpY Easter for you and your family.. Miss U so Much..



  7. Hope your vacation is wonderful. Cannot wait to see the great pictures when you return.
    I like the airport, it looks modern and bright and very clean.


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