Velóh – Luxembourg

Velóh – Make unlimited rides throughout the duration 
of your subscription. Whether it be 1 year or 7 days.


16 thoughts on “Velóh – Luxembourg

  1. I have seen these in Paris, they are nice if do not end up stolen… Here it would be matter of minutes.


  2. That is a wonderful service. Europe is way ahead of us in terms of bicycle use! Always has been, I guess. But some of our cities are now doing the same kind of thing and they are building more bike lanes. A good thing, I think.

    Lovely photos, too!


  3. Vel'óh'! :-))) Devo confessar que não estava a perceber nada ao ver só a primeira foto! LOL! Quando olhei para as 'velos' é que se fez luz! (possivelmente já estou muito lento devido ao avançado da hora…) :-)))


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