L’Arbre du Prince Jean – Luxembourg

A tree planted to celebrate the birth of Prince Jean.
Parc de Ville – Luxembourg


20 thoughts on “L’Arbre du Prince Jean – Luxembourg

  1. It's such a lovely thing to plant tree to celebrate birth!!! Lovely set of photos.
    Have a beautiful Sundy Dear Friends:)


  2. So Prince Jean would be 109 years old now? My god, that's as old as I am.

    But I think a tree is a good way to celebrate someone's birth. Unless, of course, that someone turns out to be a nasty rascal – then that darn tree would be a constant pain in the you-know-what!


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  4. I love the idea to plant trees to remember someoneor something, it's very pretty, and good for the planet! I hope you're feeling better today, Dear Leia!
    (I put some pictures of Barcelone on my other blog, if you're in need of memories!)
    take a good care of you!


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