Weekend Reflections – Luxembourg

Pictet – Private Bankers Building  at  Boulevard Royal – Luxembourg.

Contribution for
James Weekend Reflections – Newtown Area Photo

31 thoughts on “Weekend Reflections – Luxembourg

  1. I love reflections so much and your photos are brillan!
    have a lovely day! Hope sun is shinning:)


  2. great! this special door seems old at the first sigh, and contrasting with the modern building..But it's not so old, but by the game of reflections our eyes are obliged to look for the truth!Intereting capture!
    I wish you a good week-end! Hugs to the whole family,


  3. The architecture is stunningly modern, except for that door/arch (whatever you call it)…makes for an interesting contrast. And it's a great mosaic of gorgeous reflections. Super job.

    May your weekend be filled with friends, family, a cat, and lots of love!


  4. Great reflections, I especially like the photo in the bottom left, the reflection of the tower onto the larger building.


  5. I love how they made the entrance look like an old tower. Very charming detail in this wonderful modern architecture!

    I hope you all have a blessed and beautiful weekend, my dear friends!


  6. Great reflections in all shots!
    Have a great weekend!

    It's rainig here! It's May and I was supposed to be at the beach! Lol! Will the weather ever be back to normal? More than 100 cancelled flights today because the ash cloud is in our aerial space!…


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