Ducal history – Luxembourg

Charlotte was the beloved Grand Duchess of Luxembourg
from 1919 to 1964, when she abdicated in favour of her son
Grand Duke Jean. The ducal family fled to Paris
(and thereafter to London) one day before
the Nazi invasion of Luxembourg.
Jean joined the British Army and landed in
Normandy in 1944, taking part in the liberation of
Brussels, Luxembourg and further invasion of Germany.
In 2000 he abdicated in favour of his son Henri.

This is the view of the Ducal Family residence in Colmar-Berg,
in the geographical centre of the Country.


23 thoughts on “Ducal history – Luxembourg

  1. Beautiful views! Everything is so green.

    I had a chance to visit Luxembourg once, but I did not take it. 😦 I have always regretted that. Hopefully someday though!


  2. What a superb post. I knew not the history or the people so I've been enlightened again, as I so often am by your blog! Your photos are outstanding, also, and show well the beauty of this small country. That's quite a family “home.”

    Hope you have a wonderful week!


  3. The palace and the surrounding area are beautiful and I'm glad that you told some history about the Royals.


  4. Those turrets are awesome and so different from ours! Great post!

    By the way, the weather is better, at least it's not raining, but the darn volcano ash cloud is causing the chaos for the third day here!


  5. I didn't realize the Grand Duke served as a soldier in WWII. That's unusual.

    The residence in Colmar-Berg is a stunner!


  6. What a pretty setting! A storybook place. I'm glad the duchess lived a long life. She looks like she was very kind. C & L – you did an excellent tie-in to historical people & events and to your travels. I just love coming along for the ride. Hugs from Tash.


  7. … and Charlotte ruled some 45 years! No surprise that she then gave over to her son!

    The family home really looks beautiful!

    Sorry, but I have been too absent to comment regularly lately. I now made the tour of your latest posts … all from Luxembourg. (Less travelling lately?)


  8. Wonderful history of the Royal family and their beautiful residence.
    Thank you for sharing. Great post and captures.


  9. You know that the Grand Duke Jean was married to King Albert's sister Joséphine Charlotte ? That's why the Belgian Royals are so close to Luxembourg ! They are cousins.


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