Parc de Ville – Luxembourg


18 thoughts on “Parc de Ville – Luxembourg

  1. This is very nice…and it looks quite large for a city park. Great place to go to relax (or take photos). Are those cameras I see in that collage…Big Brother is watching even in the park?

    Hope you all have a wonderful week!


  2. The park is beautiful, I'm not sure what is that thing in the last image, but it's original and nice.


  3. This reminds me to visit our park. Not as classy as your park but it has covered (with roof) buildings where you can eat lunch and stuff.

    Your photos of the home park are really nice ones. I think the last structure with the holes in it must be for an Eskimo. An igloo with ventilation holes in it.


  4. a beautyful place to peacefull!
    Strangely, there are no benches?..
    Thank you for the lovely poem you sent me yesterday! I like it so much!
    I have strong thoughts for your french examinations! “ça va aller!!Ne t'inquiète pas!”
    Hugs! Malyss


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