Port of Hamburg – Germany

The Port of Hamburg is also one of Hamburg’s largest attractions,
both as a living, industrial and logistic center 
but also as a backdrop for modern culture and the ports history.


21 thoughts on “Port of Hamburg – Germany

  1. Even though not far from Holland, I've never visited Hamburg -known for its industies, only Aachen, because I had a penpal living there. Have a great weekend.


  2. The first time I came to Hamburg, I arrived by boat. So once more, your pictures bring back a lot of good memories of very good moments of my life.I was impressed by the size of the port, our here is so small!


  3. Thank you for this post. I've never been to Hamburg so it was a real treat to see some of what it is like! Looks like it was a cloudy day when you took these shots.

    How did your orals go, Leia?


  4. I was on traineeship in Hamburg (working in the port) in 1962. Have been back several times since. The central port area is becoming very attractive and fashionable! Quite a change!


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