Saint- Michel Church – Mersch

 Saint-Michel Church in Mersch – Luxembourg.
The church of Saint Michael was built in the XIX century in the neo-classical style.
The frescoes of the choir date from 1936.


23 thoughts on “Saint- Michel Church – Mersch

  1. Neo-classical conveys such an attitude with those gorgeous columns. The frescoes are wonderful, great captures!!


  2. Have you also learnt some luxembourgish? I read “kommioun” which I could possibly translate. 🙂

    Léia, with all your continued travels to Germany, Austria… I trust you anyhow concentrate on your French lessons? 🙂


  3. This sure doesn't look much like our little rural Florida churches! Gorgeous. And 1936 was a very, very good year!

    Re your comment on Cedar Key: There was a big sign on the lawyer's door which read “Gone Fishin'”.

    Nah, just kidding. But I wouldn't have been surprised if that had been the case.


  4. This exterior of this church reminds me of some other temple, but I can't really place it now…


  5. Hi Leia! I wanted to respond to your comment on The Villages. The Villages began as empty farmland some 20-30 years ago. Today, there some 70-80,000 residents and over 30,000 homes. For awhile it was the fastest-growing community in the nation but it has slowed down a bit due to the economy.

    There are two “hometowns” (Spanish Springs and Lake Sumter Landing) with town squares or market squares where people gather every evening year round for good music, drinks, and fellowship. I heard the other day a 3rd hometown is being planned.

    I think there are about 20 small golf courses (known here as Executive Courses) plus about 10 major golf courses.

    There are numerous shopping centers, houses of worship, community centers, and restaurants – well, everything you would find in a fair-sized city (which The Villages is).

    It was designed so that you can drive most places in a golf cart – so long as you stay within The Villages itself.

    It is also a 55 plus community…and I don't think anyone under 18 can live there. If you're 55 years old and have an 18 year old child, that child can live with you.

    It has become very crowded (jam-packed) in recent years and traffic is horrible. But we love to drive the 30-35 miles down there to take photos and dine in one of the restaurants.


  6. Leia thank you for yours and luna's sweet words about mittens,I know as a pet lover also you understand how they are part of the family. It was strange coming home today from work and her not greeting me our other cat seems sad because She's never been without mittens but we are giving her some extra loving


  7. Each photo is so delightful. Interesting combination of modern and traditional. Love the rich interiour colors.


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