Weekend Reflections – Durbuy, Belgium

A view of the rocky cliff from some distance.

Contribution for
James Weekend Reflections – Newtown Area Photo

28 thoughts on “Weekend Reflections – Durbuy, Belgium

  1. What cool reflections you have here! The bottom picture is awesome too!

    I hope you guys will stop by the Philadelphia area on your next trip to the USA. That would be great!


  2. Não estou certo quanto a serem estratos ou falhas, mas é impressionante o efeito que fazem no rochedo, principalmente na terceira foto. Demais!


  3. More beautiful shots of another place I've never been! Merci! Looks like you may have taken these last fall or last winter. Very nice reflections.

    Did you receive the photos I sent?


  4. What marvelous reflections! Really superb composition! You always have great shots! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!



  5. The different patterns of the rocks are fascinating! The last one is especially awesome! I looks like God decided to fold it over.


  6. Hello !
    What language is the best to use here ?;0))
    Luxembourg is a very peaceful and beautiful place, and your photos make me remember of the few days I spent there many years ago, muito obrigada !


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