Beaufort – Luxembourg

Located in the Mullerthal, an area also known
as little Switzerland, Beaufort is mainly visited for its impressive castle. 
The area’s hiking, cycling and rock climbing 
make it one of the most touristic areas in the country.


28 thoughts on “Beaufort – Luxembourg

  1. The woodlands are magical and I love the architecture in town.
    Sorry to be behind with comments, I've been having some computer problems.
    ☼ Sunny


  2. The green in beyond believable. It looks so cool and refreshing. Can you tell I live in the desert and it's very hot and brown here right now? I love the flower boxes at the windows.


  3. I think the word, “quaint,” would be descriptive of this place! And I'd love to walk in those woods. I'd pass on the rock climbing, though! Is that you in the first photo, Leia?

    I can understand from your photos why this would attract tourists!


  4. It truly looks to be a fabulous place. I was drawn to the stone carved at the bottom about the liberation.

    Thanks for your visit to my blog post about Dreaming or my Dream.

    You are what you dream.


  5. The buildings are fantastic but I'm amazed at those rocks! So much diversity in such a small country!


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