Sunday Bridges – Köln (Cologne), Germany

The Hohenzollern bridge crosses the river Rhine in the German city of Cologne.
Originally, the bridge was both a railway and street bridge, however after its destruction in 1945 and its subsequent reconstruction it was only accessible to rail and pedestrian traffic.
During the 1980’s the bridge was renovated with two new tracks.
The Hohenzollern bridge now regularly has over 1200 trains pass through daily.

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27 thoughts on “Sunday Bridges – Köln (Cologne), Germany

  1. how many languages do you speak? My 13 year old learn French last year, but I don't think he remembers anything. Now he learns German and is often talking to himself in German.

    Are you both well traveled?


  2. I was going to say “good catch” getting the train in the picture… but with 50 trains each hour going through, you didn't have to wait long!


  3. WOW! 1200 trains daily! That bridge has to be strong to withstand that much traffic! Bridges were a favored target of both sides during WWII, so it doesn't surprise «Louis» that this bridge was bombed.

    Re the name Hohenzollern. When «Louis» taught high school English in Amarillo, Texas when working toward his university degree, one of his students was the great granddaughter of Kaiser Wilhelm II. She spent her summers at the Hohenzollern castle in Germany.

    «Louis» thanks you for your contribution to Sunday Bridges.


  4. Super shot…and it appears you caught a train crossing from one side to the other. They must have done a good job renovating this thing to handle so many trains!


  5. I love bridges and this one is a beauty. That's a lot of trains! I could spend hours watching them cross.
    ☼ Sunny


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