Rock Concert in Luxembourg

On July 16th, we had the opportunity to attend a 
concert by The Kooks in Luxembourg.


21 thoughts on “Rock Concert in Luxembourg

  1. Cool video and nice photos. Concerts can be challenging to shoot because of the lighting, but you have done a fine job!


  2. I'm just too old, I guess. I find it very hard to like this kind of music and accept kids in dirty T-shirts and jeans banging away on amplified instruments! It's just too kooky!

    Give me Sinatra, please, in a tuxedo, leaning on a piano, singing a song that actually has a melody and beautiful lyrics that one can understand…

    I am glad that you enjoyed it, though! :-))


  3. I don't know them but my daughter immediately said that they were known, and great musicians, and that you were soo lucky to have seen them…:)
    I 'm like Jacob, I prefer Sinatra…:)


  4. And your shots are lovely:)
    Well Leia, don't make me choose between Berlin and London – I love both deepy, however, Berlin is more familiar:) It's only 4,5hours drive from where I live!


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