Place des Martyrs – Luxembourg

The “Place des Martyrs” is a garden square in Luxembourg City, 
in southern Luxembourg.

This work by the British sculptor Henry Moore,

depicting a mother and child, provides a focus.

21 thoughts on “Place des Martyrs – Luxembourg

  1. The first two pictures look like paintings. They're so clear and the colors are so bright!

    I have been many places, but never to Lux. Must get there one day. 🙂


  2. I'm always surprised to see how empty the places are!Even when they are beautyful , like here!and the benches among the gardens are so pleasant!
    Hugs from south!


  3. And it looks to be a wonderful place to spend an afternoon wandering about or sitting on a bench people-watching…

    But what does this have to do with martyrs and martyrdom?


  4. the depiction of mother and child always comes in different forms, this is more of an abstract but it looks good


  5. It's a very pretty plaza. I like how there are so many benches and they all look so clean! Beautiful sculpture too — the grain of the wood is lovely.


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