London – England

Romantic London…

London Bus…
London Landmark…

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  1. Nice images… i like the little street store with lots os things to buy… a classic city like LONDON is not made only by monuments… is made by real people living real day-by-day… its very interesting to see how this happen on a big and classic city…




  2. As soon as I saw your top photo with the neat-looking bench, I thought of Malyss.

    These are great pictures of different glimpses of classic London. I really enjoyed these. It looks like you got see a lot during the time you were there.


  3. Your first picture is a riot: can you tell me where you took it?
    Obviously I'd like to post it on aBoB!


  4. I hope this isn't a duplicate. These are wonderful I would be hard pressed to pick a favorite, maybe the first one.


  5. Bonjour César et Léia,

    Nice to meet you both. You are very lucky to be living in Luxembourg. I would move there tomorrow if I could….love your blog. I will come back and look at more beautiful photos of all your trips. A la prochaine!



  6. It's wonderful to be back visiting your beautiful blog! And you've posted great photos, as usual! I've not been to London (which I regret) so I find these shots especially enjoyable. You know how to present a city in a special and unique way!

    P.S. Study hard! 🙂


  7. I like the sculpture on the bench!
    Did you ride one of the double-decker buses?
    I enjoy traveling with you to all these wonderful places.


  8. Gosto imenso da primeira foto! A escultura no bloco de pedra/banco dá um contraste fantástico ao local. Óptima composição!


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