Sunday Bridges – Red Bridge, Luxembourg

The Grand Duchess Charlotte Bridge,
it is also known as the Red Bridge.
Designed by the German architect Egon Jux
the construction was finished in 1965.

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28 thoughts on “Sunday Bridges – Red Bridge, Luxembourg

  1. Muito bacana. Principalmente a cor da ponte, cor-de-rosa, bem diferente. Se fosse no Rio, diria que era uma homenagem à Mangueira (Escola de Samba).

    Abraços e um ótimo domingo.


  2. It is stunning! But your various compositions are fantastic…you exhibited such creativity…thus your photos made the bridge come alive! Excellent!!!


  3. So daringly red! Have you noticed that the modern buildings, bridges, etc. in Eur. have all kinds of bright colors or unusual forms?


  4. Original bridge with its red colour!
    I love the perspective in the second picture:o)
    Thanks for stopping by my place and taking the time to comment;o)

    Have a nice Sunday*******


  5. Greetings, Cezar! This is your prolific friend…

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    Okay, you've stretched my brain far enough today. Now I'm going to have to go take a nap. Say “hi” to all!


  6. Okay Cezar, all these questions are taking me away from reading a beautiful book on Luxembourg that mysteriously arrived on my doorstep! 😉

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    We do like it here at Stone Creek!


  7. I enjoyed all of the photos because each gave a different perspective to this bridge. I particlary liked the close-up focusing on the angles.


  8. This is one impressive bridge, and for it to be RED makes it even better. It is huge! I love the green trees as its base. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and commenting on my swinging bridge. It is a lovely spot and we love going there.



  9. Esta ponte conheço! 🙂 Mas nunca tinha visto uma perspectiva tão cool como na segunda foto.


  10. That's a really sleek and modern design. I like it. It's very simple yet striking. Thanks for visiting my bridge!


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