Saint Michael’s Church – Luxembourg

You can see inside pictures and information
 of Saint Michael’s Church here.

21 thoughts on “Saint Michael’s Church – Luxembourg

  1. A beautiful church, I like the lamp post in the first image and the statue in the last. Michele, the Italian for Michael, it's my son's name,


  2. It's a beautiful church, inside and out. Thank you for sharing it with us. We are looking forward to seeing Luxembourg in the spring.

    Kay, Alberta


  3. Such rich details! Beautiful doorway and I like the sculpture of St. Michael with his fiery sword, though it looks a bit too tiny for him. 😉


  4. Your photos show Saint Michael's to be a very beautiful church. Have a great weekend my friends and thank you for always showing us what a fantastic place Luxembourg must be.


  5. I love that first photo…and the way you composed it with the lamp lighting the doorway…and the door almost looks like it was a late addition, an afterthought.

    It's good, in my opinion, that these historic building are kept up for future generations to enjoy!

    Hope you're having a great day!


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