Fram – Oslo, Norway

Fram (Forward) is a ship that was used in expeditions of the Arctic 
and Antarctic regions by the Norwegian explorers Fridtjof Nansen,
 Otto Sverdrup, Oscar Wisting, and Roald Amundsen
 between 1893 and 1912.

Fram is said to have sailed farther north (85°57’N) 
and farther south (78°41’S) than any other wooden ship. 
Fram is currently preserved at the Fram Museum in Oslo, Norway.

24 thoughts on “Fram – Oslo, Norway

  1. How interesting! I would like so much to visit such historical boats! the men who traveled on them were so courageous!


  2. The Fram sure has seen a lot of ocean water if it has traveled so far! It's so interesting to see wooden boats up close.


  3. WOW, a dream visit… i consider myself as an OLD SAILOR, so I really love OLD SHIPS…

    Now you punch my curiosity here I go SAILING into the WWW for more photos and information about FRAM… one of Amundsen Ships?




  4. Magnificent shots! These old wooden ships are amazing. The old pictures look really interesting and everything is very shiny.


  5. Oh, it is just gorgeous. I'd love to see it myself, but if we never get to Oslo, at least I've seen your beautiful photos, with their interesting angles and fabulous detail. Thank you.

    Kay, Alberta


  6. You know how much I appreciate this matter, thanks for the beautiful pictures and for the precious link!


  7. So you went there too! 🙂 J'ai adoré ce bateau, son histoire et la façon dont il est exposé, même si je préférerais qu'il soit dans le fjord. Super, merci pour ces bons souvenirs !


  8. Nice going! You got my neck all cricked again! Nah…just kidding. Another set of lovely photos! I had not heard of this ship (which means nothing at all) so it was good to see your pictures and read your commentary.

    Can you imagine how difficult and dangerous it must have been to sail the oceans back in the late 19th and earth 20th century, without all the computerized accouterments and navigational aids we have now?

    The “good old days” often weren't so good after all!

    Merci for this post!

    And have a bon weekend!


  9. The angles are wonderful on these shots. What an amazing feat this ship accomplished. It boggles my mind to think that this ship made the voyages that it did. Wow!


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