Saint Michael Bridge – Gent, Belgium

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26 thoughts on “Saint Michael Bridge – Gent, Belgium

  1. I like! And obviously, lots of other people do, too! It appears to be a popular spot with tourists – looks like a sight-seeing boat and then there's a guy taking a picture…

    Nice pics!


  2. Oh, how beautiful. Thank you, Leia. That's one place I know we're going in the spring because it is on our cruise itinerary. I can hardly wait.

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
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  3. I run out of adjectives to describe the beauty of your photos! It appears that there's a woman on the bridge looking through a telescope – she's lucky, there are so many wonderful things to observe. Greeting to Cezar!


  4. Yes, Ghent is a nice city … and you proved it! Sorry, for being absent from the comments part here too often, but I seem to have so little time over. However, be sure that I read and watch your posts anyhow.


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