ABC Wednesday – Rochefort, Belgium

ABC Wednesday : R for Rochefort 

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Resplendent Rochefort…

Reliable Rochefort…

Remarkable Rochefort…

Religious Rochefort…

Tourism information – The Lesse Valley website here.
Rochefort at Wikipedia.

45 thoughts on “ABC Wednesday – Rochefort, Belgium

  1. a Really beautyful town! that seems very peaceful..
    we also have a Rochefort in France
    PS: I'm ok for a meeting and a cappuccino ! when you want!!:))


  2. Photos et montage très réussi!
    Rochefort semble être une très jolie ville à visiter aussi! J'aime beaucoup l'architecture de l'église en brique!

    À bientôt et belle journée****

    Ps: ce midi quand je suis sortie du travail en plein centre de Nancy, le ciel était d'un beau bleu intense. Et 20 mn plus tard en arrivant à Lunéville il n'y avait plus un coin de ciel bleu! Des nuages, des nuages et encore des nuages! Grrr!


  3. I love your entries for the alphabet series. You always come up with something good! 😀
    Maybe I need to put Rochefort on my list of places to visit. Did you ever get your car problems worked out?

    Gros bisous de Jackson!


  4. Rochefort is a very beautiful town and I see an outside cafe in the top collage of photos that looks like a great place to enjoy a cup of coffee. Another wonderful post that I have enjoyed very much. Thank you my friend.


  5. Such a lovely city and fantastic captures for the R Day!! I do love the different views of the city that you share with us! Hope your week is going well! Enjoy!



  6. You do have such a variety of old, beautiful buildings. I must thank you for the work you do to distribute this architectonic experience with us.


  7. Belle série de R ! Je ne connaissais jusqu'à présent que Rochefort en terre (en Bretagne) et Rochefort (près de La Rochelle). Voilà que je sais au moins qu'il y a une jolie ville qui s'appelle aussi ainsi en Belgique ! 😉

    Ici aussi ciel bleu aujourd'hui ! :-)))


  8. Beautiful place and beautiful photos! Tried find proper English R – word – but nohing comes to my mind, but in Polish I could say:)
    'Rozmarzyłam się o podróży tam'(means that I started daydreaming about going there)
    Have a nice evening:)


  9. What a charming place – it's not known for its cheese, is it? I liked the angles you used in your photos – a way of looking that's unique.


  10. Beautiful photos of a delightful town. I see many outdoor cafes in your collage. How wonderful.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel


  11. For the moment it doesn't look so pretty as on your pictures, it was flooded too !
    Have you seen on TV all the water ? It's just terrible, the poor people lost everything and so many are sitting in their houses we no heating and everything damaged. Fortunately in Waterloo we stayed dry. Brussels too had its share !


  12. Thanks for commenting on my “R” entry.
    You have a lot of “R”! It's definitely lovely place and thanks for sharing.


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