Sculpture by Lucien Wercollier in Koblenz – Germany


Lucien Wercollier (1908-2002)was a major 20th century

 sculptor from Luxembourg.
More about the contemporaneous sculpture of Lucien Wercollier here.

17 thoughts on “Sculpture by Lucien Wercollier in Koblenz – Germany

  1. Y=The sculpture is wonderful. It looks like a mother and child to me. The sculpture is also in a beautiful location.


  2. Not really my taste, lol ! Looks like two boxing gloves or something like that.
    We are sitting in the same boat, snow for tomorrow, but we had already a little bit this morning but it melted immediately.


  3. Thanx for the link…I remember that previous post on this sculptor. I also think this piece reflect a mother and child…but it's amorphous enough to be confusing. I rather like his work, though I'm not sure when his intentions are…

    Thank you for your generous and kind comments this morning! Hope you're well and having a wonderful day.


  4. You probably know that I am not a fan of thin kind of works, but I must say that I have seen much worse things on display and the location is almost perfect!


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