Vosne-Romanée – France

On “Wasted Time Street”…
Dans la Rue Du Temps Perdu…

Walk along in silence…
Promenez en silence…
Enjoy every detail in your path…
Profitez de chaque détail dans votre chemin…

You may even come across an angel!
Vous pouvez même recontré un ange!



30 thoughts on “Vosne-Romanée – France

  1. These are so nice, I like how you've captured that angel, sometimes they appear in the most unusual places and show up when you least expect them to. Warmest wishes to you and Cezar!


  2. Hey! I was just thinking:” What a lovely post, so romantic! I like this street and its name, and would like so much to get lost there, alone with an angel..” and suddenly, I saw my name!:o)
    You're so lovely , Dear Leia!Thank you!That's a perfect gift!


  3. This is a beautifully put together sequence. Very calming. I love the unexpected view of an angel through the culvert.


  4. Another wonderful walk with you two. I also love your two new models at the top of the page. So cute! Have a wonderful Sunday!


  5. ma chere, I enjoyed your clever and fun tour…anything goes better with an angel! (nice eye for detail)


  6. Another fascinating post! I'd walk that walk with you anytime. Very creative re the angel, too. I think you make an important point here – that so often we're so busy and move so fast, we fail to see the interesting and beautiful things right before our eyes!

    Glad that the sunshine is out today. Enjoy!!!


  7. Bonsoir, Leia and Cezar…

    Aw…with regard to the Cadillac posted on Ocala DP: I went ahead and ordered a cherry red one for Cezar and it should be here in a couple of weeks. You'll need to fly to Ocala with a check for about $48,000 USD. I'll be happy to pick you up at the Orlando airport, OK? Then you can drive the car to New York and arrange to have it shipped home. While you're in New York you might as well see a few Broadway plays and hit some of the finer restaurants. It will be wonderful!

    Am I a great guy or what?

    But all this work! Je suis epuise!


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