Daniel Buren Exhibition at MUDAM – Luxembourg

The exhibition by Daniel Buren in the Grand Hall of Mudam 
is the fruit of a joint invitation to the artist from Mudam 
and Centre Pompidou-Metz to create a specific installation
 in relation to their respective spaces.

Daniel Buren is a French conceptual artist.
Sometimes classified as an abstract minimalist he is known best 
for using regular, contrasting maxi stripes to integrate the 
visual surface and architectural space, 
notably historical, landmark architecture.

By exhibiting the architecture within the architecture through 

this installation of rare proportions, Daniel Buren is not only 
emphasizing certain architectural characteristics of the museum, 
he is also highlighting the function of the building 
as an “envelope” for art.
Daniel Buren official homepage.

26 thoughts on “Daniel Buren Exhibition at MUDAM – Luxembourg

  1. My eyes are normally drawn to the lines in a photo, but this time, the colors got my attention. Both are very nice.


  2. The top photo is outstanding…just pulls (more like sucks) the viewer in! So fun to get exposed to a new artist. Thanks.


  3. I was about to say exactly the same thing than Ciel: I hate Buren and his work, he destroyed many classic places in France with his “art”..


  4. This is all very interesting with lots of color which is nice. As to the various meanings assigned to the collection of pieces at various angles, I'll take your word for it! 🙂

    Sorry about Cezar and his laptop. A collapse is not fun under any circumstances…but it was nice of you to let him borrow yours. Tell him I think it's against the law to work on Sundays (unless, of course, they pay him four X his usual wage)! 🙂

    I don't know from this place in Luxembourg, but I'll try to check it out.

    Love your new profile pic!

    Hope you're having a great day! How are the exams going? Are they over now?


  5. Were you pulling my leg about Schifflange?

    Re your comment on Cedar Key: We're going over there tomorrow…it takes about 1 1/2 hours from here … through rolling hills (horse country) and then a national forest, and then kind of scrubby seaside landscape…very nice. We're meeting some blogger friends for the first time and I think we'll eat at the Pickled Pelican which is right above the bar featured on today's post.


  6. The first photo, looks like in the movies when they show an elevator, and James Bond is hanging up there.


  7. A very nice new header photo. In fact, I looked at it and then remembered my old photos, and I felt rather sheepish! 😉

    Glad to hear that you're studies are going well and that you're moving up to a new book … I would expect nothing less, of course! Oui?

    Thank you for all your wonderful comments today! I did play golf yesterday, but not very well! I had a guy riding in my golf cart who smoked great big black cigars so I went around with this huge cloud of cigar smoke over my head for about four hours! 🙂


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