Il fait froid ( It’s cold ) – Grund, Luxembourg


30 thoughts on “Il fait froid ( It’s cold ) – Grund, Luxembourg

  1. Beautiful captures, Leia! It does look cold! But what a beautiful place! Would love to explore there! Your photos are always the next best thing to being there myself! Hope your week is going well! Enjoy! Stay warm!



  2. I wonder how many cities one would find if one dug deep into the ground under Luxembourg…it looks like city built upon city! And it's gorgeous…all that stone. Beautiful photos – I like the b&w and the color shots. Each is elegant in its own way.

    How cold is it in Luxembourg? Is Luna safe and sound and warm? (I know she is, but thought I'd kid you a little).

    Our daughter in Colorado says they don't have much snow but it was cold last night; 25 degrees (F) BELOW zero!!

    I probably shouldn't tell you that I did play golf this morning and it was cool (mid 60s) and looked like it might rain but it didn't! Now it's about 72 degrees (F)…and we have no snow.

    Tomorrow is going to be cold, though. Our high temperature will only reach the mid-60s!


  3. Grund looks like a very interesting place, Leia. I've sent my husband a link to this page (his computer is two rooms away from my computer, LOL) and I also found a summer view that looks a lot like your second photo, on Google Maps.
    I'm sure we'll want to visit this district when we drive through Luxembourg on our way from France to Amsterdam in April.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel


  4. Oh my, what stunning photos, both of them! I am off to read about Grund… what a treasure!

    I hope that you and Cezar are staying warm… I would snuggle with Luna as she is bound to be a warm little bundle of fur…



  5. You should have saved the second shot for Sunday Bridges, you get 2 for the price of 1 🙂

    Magnificent views!


  6. What beautiful photos! I love the bridge in the second photo. We're cold here too. I didn't even get into the 50's here today. For Phoenix, that is cold! And the wind in howling which makes it seem even colder.


  7. The cold is the feeling in your first photo, but looks an interesting place to explore.
    Wonderful capture in the second, you must have been up quite high to get that angle.


  8. A beautiful city. I am surprised to see the rich green grass this far into winter in a cold weather climate. Most of ours is turning brown, but maybe that is because it has been covered with snow.


  9. Looks like everybody decided to stay indoors, except my two crazy friends. 😀

    Such a beautiful place!

    Stay warm!


  10. Il fait froid ici aussi. Mais au moins j'ai plein de jolies photos a regarder. 🙂

    J'espere que mon chef va dire qu'on puisse partit tot pour eviter la neige.


  11. I love, love these photos of the old city! Reminds me of my visit to a long time penpal in Luxembourg many years ago! Now she lives in Gasperich with her husband and kids!


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