Weekend Reflections – London, England

Contribution for
James Weekend Reflections – Newtown Area Photo

41 thoughts on “Weekend Reflections – London, England

  1. Love the London photo. Is that art or something utilitarian?
    Isn't it fun to make friends in the blogging world and share our lives? Congratulations on receiving the lovely gift.
    Have a wonderful weekend!


  2. The circles make a cool picture and the reflection makes it even better!
    Congratulations the cushion is beautiful!


  3. I'm not quite sure what all the circles are about, but they sure make for a great reflection! Congratulations on the cushion, I'm sure you will cherish it for many years.


  4. FABULOUS! your reflection of this week is really great!do you know what this building is?..
    Congrats for the cushion! and what a pretty postcard!


  5. I love your reflections for the day — as always!! I, too, love the circular effects. And what a beautiful cushion! Such a lovely gift! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Leia! Enjoy!



  6. AHA ! c'est l'heure de la petite leçon de français de Cezar et de Leia…


    A peine ai-je regardé ce cliché que je me suis mise à sourire sans raison… J'aime le mouvement vertical, la pureté du ciel, la netteté du reflet…

    Jolie photo, vraiment.

    (Et très joli, la façon dont vous avez photographié ce coussin souvenir !)


  7. Perfect photo Leia, I love it. It reminds me how much I miss London!
    Beautiful cushion from Ciel, wow, I'm getting envious:):):)


  8. The circles make an interesting and creative reflection… The shape is quite different than what we usually see reflected… Very nice photo!

    Congrats on that beautiful pillow from Ciel… She is quite a talent and you are very fortunate to be the winner… How sweet of her to make and gift this for her blog-birthday!



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