ABC Wednesday – Fountain in Basel – Switzerland

ABC Wednesday : F for Fountain 

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By Jean TinguelyFountain in Basel – Switzerland
In a shallow pool 19 cm deep, 16 m wide and 19 m long, 

 the artist placed nine black figures driven by low-voltage current 
that spout water as they move.


49 thoughts on “ABC Wednesday – Fountain in Basel – Switzerland

  1. The kind of art I like! not only creative, but also fun!

    I read -2° in Luxembourg!!OMG, here we have around 14°!


  2. Love this fountain… so creative and appears to have been constructed of salvaged metals and pieces of equipment. The video is perfect and the one that looks like a bike is too cute.

    -2 degrees is a bit chilly, my friends… bundle up and stay warm!



  3. Nice! You can find some similar Tinguely “sculptures” in the Stravinsky Fountain in Paris. The only problem is that now and then they have to be repaired.


  4. It's amazing, a bit surrealistic fountain! Would love to see it one day!
    Have a great afternoon dear friend:)


  5. Bonjour to you, too. And thank you for your wonderful comments! Glad you like the new website…if you check out the Album page, there's an album which will give you a good idea of all the fun we have here in Stone Creek! 🙂

    I think this is a very unique and interesting fountain. Pretty? Not so much. Reminds me of a battlefield after the battle. 😉

    Love your new header photo!

    Hope all is well there in Luxembourg!


  6. That's quiet a fancy fountain ! I always thought swiss people so serious ! Apparently there are exceptions as everywhere !


  7. Fancy floating figures to spout water …but your video does not seem to open for me!! May have to try later!!


  8. What a fun, delightful fountain and a perfect choice for the F Day! I always love your choices, Leia and Cesar, they're always a lovely bright spot in my day! Hope your week is going well! Enjoy!

    ABC Team


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