Stavelot Abbey – Belgium

The Abbey of Stavelot invites you to discover, in 4 languages: 
the Museum of the Ancient Principality of Stavelot- Malmedy; 
the Museum of the Racing Circuit of Spa-Francorchamps; 
the Apollinaire Museum.

Stavelot Abbey presents original works from Andy Warhol and his contemporaries 
from private collections from Belgian and foreign institutions.

Andy Warhol and Co…w
28 Jan 2011-25 Sept 2011


23 thoughts on “Stavelot Abbey – Belgium

  1. A place that offers a lot to see, from past as well as from present.Pleasant mix to spend a day of discovering!


  2. The Abbey of Stavelot is an interesting and unique building. I rather like the color; it is bright and cheerful.

    I would guess one could spend a few days wandering about the museum. But I have yet to figure out why anyone would think that Andy Warhol's work was worth putting on a wall! 🙂

    As usual, you have presented us with beautiful photographs, and I'm so happy that you're feeling well enough to do some blogging, Leia! Hope the worst is over and that you're fully recovered!


  3. I'll make a note of this. Just so many interesting things to find out about, especially Apollinaire. J'adore cette tour massive avec son vitrail.


  4. 'twould be great to get there, but I highly doubt it's gonna happen (as much as I might prefer otherwise, of couse) Nice photographs, too!


  5. This looks like another very interesting place. You two have been to EVERY interesting place in Europe!


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