Neuerburg Castle – Germany

Castle “Neuerburg” 
The largest habitable castle of Bitburg-Prüm District, now a youth hostel.
 It was partially destructed in 1692 by French troops.
 The inner courtyard and the chapel are open to the public without appointment.









City of Neuerburg website.

31 thoughts on “Neuerburg Castle – Germany

  1. It's great to see the castle being put to good use. It would be very cool to stay there while traveling. I think I'd want to stick around for a while and explore.


  2. Très jolie série de photos!
    J'aime beaucoup visiter des endroits comme celui-ci. Merci pour le partage, Léia;o)

    Big bisous et à bientôt****


  3. Your photos of this old castle are exquisite! Such wonderful captures of the essence of the place…all that stone and ivy and wetness – for some reason I think I can smell the dankness of the interior.

    Did all castles have chapels and crucifixes?

    Probably no atheists in castles in the Middle Ages, right? 😉

    Enfin vendredi! Detendez-vous!

    Hasta la vista!

    Buenos dias!

    Tack sa mycka!

    Heh, heh!

    Have a great weekend!


  4. Such a wonderful visit to the old castle! I'm glad it is being used as a hostel! How fun to be able to stay there! Your photos are awesome as always! Hope you're enjoying some good weather, have a great weekend!



  5. What beautiful pictures – all of them, but I am in love with the one of the doorway with the big tree covered in moss. It is perfect! So much history and so much beauty, but it takes your discerning eyes to get these pictures. 🙂


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