Bourglinster Castle – Luxembourg

Bourglinster Castle is located in the village of Bourglinster
 in central Luxembourg some 17 km to the east of Luxembourg City.
 Now housing a restaurant and facilities for business and cultural gatherings, 
the castle has a history stretching back to the 11th century.

Château de Bourglinster website with details of restaurants,opening hours and events.

23 thoughts on “Bourglinster Castle – Luxembourg

  1. Oh, yes! Like the others I think it is a beautiful, well preserved castle and I would love to visit and eat there. Your captures are awesome as always, Leia! Hope your week is going well! Enjoy!



  2. It's great that such a treasure has been so well preserved, it's wonderful!


    Philadelphia has an community named 'Germantown', so yes, there was a large German community, hence the pretzels.


  3. You do visit a lot of exotic places! 11th Century? That's pretty old. Older than me!

    Thanks, though, for taking us on a visual journey of this most interesting place. I think I'd like to check out the restaurant, too.


  4. I can almost see Rapunzel's hair hanging down from one of those towers.
    Good that they have converted it to a hotel and still preserving it.


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